10 HACKS EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW: Air out your Vagina, shave your face, how to look more confident

So I recently saw this video by Patricia Bright (which has quickly gotten very popular) on hacks every woman should know. It resonated so much with me, I just had to share it with you guys, because I think that every woman should know this. It was also very educational and I learned a lot of tricks to being a woman. Enjoy!!

1. Air out your Vagina/Huha/Veejayjay:
This is funny because I never knew Silk & Synthetic underwear traps moisture. Ladies, lets invest more in cotton underwear because those resist moisture and stop unwanted boils or infections such as yeast and bacterial infections. Go commando/naked at night if you have to, it don't hurt nobody. Let your huha breathe.

2. If you are on operation free the nipple but don't like nipple covers that could be hurtful or painful, try nursing pads which soaks up moisture and gives your boobies extra cushion.

3. Perky Bobbies
Did you know that doing chest exercises almost immediately gives you super perky bobbies. Exercises like planks, chest dips and push ups increase your bust size and give you more rounded looking boobs by increasing blood circulation to your boobs.

4.Shave your face:
Yes ladies pick up your shaving stick and get to work...No! your hair will not grow back thicker and fuller. According to research men age way less than women because they shave; it increases exfoliation. Make sure to condition your face first before this process so you don't hurt yourself while shaving or cause ingrown hairs.

5. Coconut oil Coconut Oil Coconut Oil!!
Coconut oil is life.com. I personally i'm a testimony. My edges have been drastically growing back and my skin glowing since I started using this product. If you live in the US, go to the food section at Walmart and buy the organic unprocessed one that's the one you want not the refined one at the hair section. In addition, coconut oil helps whiten teeth and takes off makeup.

6.You want to appear more confident? Fix your posture
Posture is the reason why a lot of people might appear less confident or whit drawn. According to surveys done more confident people have an open and upright position while less confident people have an curled up and closed posture. Try power posing till it becomes part of you. Like they say, fake it till you make it. See picture below to see good vs bad postures.

7. If you want to get an answer from bae, ask the question and wait wait wait.
 This hack is my favorite because I wish I knew this hack a long time ago, I could have gotten so many answers I never got...lol...This is not just for bae, but even with your close friends, ask a question and wait. Wait till it gets awkward, they will eventually start to fill out all the blanks you want. As humans we always wanna keep talking to get our points across but wait guys it works like magic. I can attest to this now.

8. Tired of always rushing? Make a playlist of songs to get ready to.
This is def going to be extremely helpful to me because I am always in a rush, but now I know to create a playlist to time myself. You could do a Beyonce song for taking a shower, a Kanye song for ironing and Justin Bieber song for breakfast. Whatever floats your bloat.

9. Solution for my Shopahloic's
Thank Jesus I have been delivered form this, but if you still find yourself buying any and everything you come across at the store, try taking a photo of your closet and shoes that way you know what you already have and you don't end up buying a repeat item. And if you don't have the item already ask yourself if it will be a potential waste of money i.e do you see yourself wearing it long term?

10. Use what you have to get what you want
Now I know this one sounds a bit too risque/ashawo-ish but its so true. If you have a lovely smile or beautiful eyes, use that to draw people in. God gave it to you for a reason. If na nyash wey you get use am, just make sure you are always glorifying the name of the Lord...lol

Here is a link to Patricia's video (here) if you wanna hear it straight from the horses mouth

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