NEW IN MAKEUP PRODUCTS: DIOR, Anastasia Beverly Hills & more

Hey guys, its been a while I did one of these, but I wanted to share with you some make up products I picked up at Ulta a couple days ago. I am so in love with #3. Keep reading to see what I think of the rest of them.

Anastasia Beverly Hills deep brow pomade in Ebony - $18
 I don't wanna start off on a bad note, but unfortunately i'm not too much a fan of this one. Although I heard such good reviews about it before I made this purchase, it just isn't working for me; so it will be getting returned. It doesn't look natural and its a bit too dark for my brows. For now I will stick with my Nyx eyebrow kit which is much more affordable, and more natural looking.

Ulta contour kit $18 & DiorShow Iconic Overcurl Mascara $30
Ok now on a better note, this contour kit (here) is my fave, its super affordable and gets the job done. For my ebony babes if you are looking for a super affordable contour kit this is for you. The one labeled 'me' is such a good bronzer and actually shows up on our skin (y'all know the struggle). Plus this pallete also comes with highlighters which is always good.

I can't say too much about the Dior mascara yet because I am still trying it out. I have been using the Better than Sex mascara for about a year now and although I love it and will always have it around, I find that it is uber drying and clogs up a lot. So I am trying this one out I will let y'all know how it holds up as I go but of for now I think it's pretty good.

All in all, I am loving this contour pallete if you don't get anything else on here get this one. Plus its on sale for $18 right now (here). 

Finally y'all know I had to restock on my infallible pro-matte foundation, and although I am still not out of the old one I bought last year, I am so afraid it will go out of the market so I bought a new one just incase. I am rocking with this foundation till I

Thanks for reading, I have linked all of the products above as I talked about them. Have you guys tried any of these products? Let me know below. AB!

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