DyHair777 Peruvian Straight Hair Review + Youtube Video

Hey guys happy new month. I just uploaded a video on my youtube channel telling you guys all about this super affordable fab hair I have been wearing for a little while now. Check it out, I will also link the video down below. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel.

Its prom season and soon to be wedding season and I know we all wanna look glam on a budget. This hair will definitely be a great investment for that. ❤AB!

Hair Pros
1. Lustreous and sleek
2. Shipping was only 48 hours
3. Customer service was excellent
4. Hair comes beautifully packaged
5. True to length

Hair Cons
1. Sheds a bit (but hair has not been washed yet)
2. Ends are a bit thin.
3. Tangling at the back with the longer length

Youtube Video

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