Hey guys happy Monday. I hope everyone is alive and bubbling...lol I sound like an african auntie. Anyway I missed y'all...♥ 
I spotted this Mexican restaurant close to my house, and right away, it made me nostalgic of the kind of buildings I saw in Miami while I was on spring break 2 years ago, it just looked really cool and fun, so of course I had to shoot here.

 When I saw this snake skin print pants ($1.25) I thought they were different and unique so I couldn't pass it up. Also the top (75c) caught my eye because of the white bold geometric detail in the front. I paired them together and magic happened.

My outfit was 100% thrifted as you can already tell from the prices. I need to do a post of what I get from the thrift store when next I go or better still bring you guys along in a vlog. 

I really do advice if you want to discover your personal style to go thrifting, it really helps expand your horizon on different clothing pieces, and also you're probably the only one that will have that item and who doesn't love to be unique.

Thanks for stopping by...♥ AB!

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