My first Tattoo + Experience ♥

Initially, I didn't want to make a post about this, because I feel tattoos are quite personal but I decided why not, there maybe someone out there that would like to know what its like the first time so here you go "My first tattoo + Experience"

I will try not to make this too long...okay!

So I've had my tattoo now for about 3 months. It's something I have been wanting to do for a while, to be honest I just like how they look and I thought #yolo so let me just see what it's like. 

I decided to get my first tattoo at Providence Tattoo It was only right because I love Providence, the people the food, just something about the city makes me so in love with, plus did I mention they have the prettiest beaches? 

My tattoo has two meanings: 'Onwa' in igbo (my native language) means the sun/moon so it symbolizes a bright future for me and a reminder that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.
2nd meaning ---> 'onwa' is actually a name that was given to my dad when he was given his chieftaincy title back in the day, so it's sort of a nickname, and as my Dad is one of the greatest men that ever lived in my eyes, and in remembrance of him, I sealed my decision to get the tattoo. 

Moving on to my experience I will say the pain was a 5/10. I was honestly so scared cuz I had heard that leg tattoos were the most painful but personally it wasn't that bad. I am not very tolerant with pain so if I tell you it wasn't bad, believe me, it wasn' There were times where it stinged a bit but it wasn't unbearable. What I did was I distracted myself with things around the room so I wouldn't focus too much on what he was doing, and that helped a lot to distract from the pain. The tattoo artist was very professional and in tune with my feelings plus the environment and instruments were very clean and sterilized so I felt safe (this is very important if you're ever going to get a tattoo).

The whole process took about 15 minutes and he put a bandage over it and gave me instructions on how to take care of them. I love my tattoo, it turned out exactly the way I wanted it, the font and everything. In a weird way it felt like it has always belonged there so I do not regret anything.

Finally, before I go make sure you really want it before you decide to get one and do your research on the tattoo parlor, I personally didn' but thankfully they did have good google reviews. Also don't let anyone not even the artist rush or pressure you into getting anything because remember it will be on YOUR body forever not theirs. So if you're going to spend that much money doing it might as well get it right.

Will I get any more tattoos ? Ehhh.....idk not sure but I am not saying I won't in the future o, because to be honest I already feel like I want another just haven't decided on the location yet (lol)

Leave any questions you may have below.
If you need Font ideas is a good one
Thanks for stopping by....have a good day....AB loves you!


  1. I've sort of always wanted a tattoo too, maybe I'll still get one and maybe I won't. I can't say for sure but if I ever do, it will probably be very small and in a not so conspicous location, like my rib area.
    This looks nice and I like the meaning

    1. Thanks Cassie, yea take all the time you want honey cuz it stays on forever. And thats a good idea to get it in a hidden area for your first time. I like to see my tattoo so I got it on my

  2. I love tattoos on people
    Don't think I have enough liver to get one
    Cool tattoo btw..n nice legs

  3. Lol I just had to find the courage somehow thanks for the compliments . And if you really really want it you will find the liver o

  4. Wow great tattoo!! I've always wanted to get a tattoo myself but I have this childish fear of needles :(

    New post on GIRL ABOUT TOWN BLOG

    1. thanks Nicole. I'm not that terrified of needles i'd rather take a needle than take medicine...hahha

  5. Beautiful tattoo and beautiful meaning. It looks very classy on you x