Exploring downtown Dallas + Discovering SĘRJ Indie Cafe

Hi guys, sorry my Wednesday post is coming late. I've been having a great week so far probably my best week since the past couple of months. I didn't win a lottery o....so don't get too happy for me...lol But as some of you may know Texas is like my second home, I have lived here for the past 6 years, and can you believe I have never really explored Dallas?? Well I just up and went, and I want to say I can't believe how similar to the east coat it is, well Boston; you know the trains, no parking, fashion, etc. It's such a beautiful city.

I wasn't really dressed appropriately but I decided why not get a few photos in, because I don't come here too often.

I stopped over for ice-cream at this local indie cafe 'Serj' owned by Anne Holocomb (who actually served me..how sweet) and her co-owner. They serve espressos over books and beans.

They are notable for their high quality coffees and book collection. They also tell you a joke before they hand you your coffee. 

The art work was also pretty dope, so you know I had to have a camera party.

I wanted to get the pumpkin pie or strawberry ice-cream but they were out, so I got the coconut ice-cream which if heaven tasted like it I def don't wanna miss it.

If you're ever in downtown Dallas be sure to visit them, it's the most dope cafe I've ever visited hands down. It was so good, I had to go home and do my investigation on them, and when I do an investigation on you, you know it's real.

I have a thing for towers so I had to get in a few pictures. I was blown away by how tall these ones were. 

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you are having a great week....AB!

Outfit Deets
Top- Gap (thrifted)
Pants- XXI


  1. Your photos are beautiful. I can see that Dallas just like Houston is experiencing a 'summery' winter. xx.

    1. Lol not any more the weather changed up on us real quick. Its so rainy and yucky at the moment.