Weekend Recap! Salad, Thai food, Modelling for Patbo,etc

Hey, fam! I didn't get to post much over the weekend, so I wanted to do a recap of all the activities I got into. My weekend actually got busy outta nowhere as I didn't think I would even get to do much. 

However, as a model be prepared to randomly have to do a job that you had no idea about. My agent messaged me about a job for Saturday morning and of course, I had to say yes. 


The first activity was to model for a Brazilian clothing brand called Patbo, founded by Patricia Bonaldi, that recently launched at Tootsie's store here in Dallas. I loved how true the foundation of the brand was to its Brazilian roots, definitely sparked a sense of beauty and excitement in me as the brand boasts on their about page. The colors and the fit were absolutely impeccable. It gave me tropical vibes. What a perfect time to launch a brand that tailors to the new spring weather. If the collection wasn't so over my budget I would have dropped a few coins on the brand. It was absolutely beautiful.


Later that night, my boyfriend and I had had dinner at one of our favorite dinner spots in Uptown Dallas called Crisps. my favorite is their 'Thai it up salad'. It has grilled shrimp, romaine, spinach, carrots, mandarin oranges, chow mein noodles, and spicy Thai peanut dressing. Just a bowl of yumminess. You can spot my bf hiding/running away from my abusive iPhone camera. lol, That's what he gets for dating a blogger.


Another one of our fav spots is Crush Craft, a Thai restaurant also in Uptown Dallas. As a true African, I always get the fried rice. So yum!

I always sneak in pictures of him haha


Later on in the day, I went and visited my family, hadn't seen them in over a month. These little munchkins pictured below are my cousins who I love dearly. How cute are they!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you did below and I will do more. What did you all get up to this weekend comment below? I genuinely wanna know.

Thanks for visiting my blog, See you in the next post ♥ AB!