A DAY IN MY LIFE / April Basi

Hey guys so as requested and very different from the type of post I would normally do I wanted to share with you all aspects of my day, as a way to get more personable on here, so you get to know me a bit better, and since today was an off day it was perfect. 

I always plan to relax on my off days but somehow I end up doing so much and barely getting any rest. I had to run to driver's license office for the 5th time (as complications keep arising) to get a new license which I thankfully finally got today. 

I got home super exhausted and decided to do my makeup, which I am getting so much better at so proud of myself. Then off  I went to the nail store to fix 2 broken nails that were hurting so badly. Who else gets very painful pains in their nails when their fake nails start getting old?

Next, I went to the mall and stopped by H&M, as they are having huge sales right now on most of their fall items. I thought this jacket was cute but didn't end up getting it cuz it felt kind of blah and the quality wasn't great, but it would've been a $20 steal, was original $59.99.  You guys like?

When I saw these jeans say '25 x skinny' I thought it has to be my size, and it's long too!!!! lol Every tall girl loves tall jeans that reach her ankles. #rarefind

Tried them on and nope didn't fit at all. Barely made it past my butt, so 1) Shade for telling me to lose weight 2) False advertisement :-( As you can tell by my expressions I was sad, plus the zipper won't even close, so disrespectful (insert eye-roll). Moral of the story, every 'skinny girl' doesn't fit into size 0 pants, I have my struggles too.

Has this ever happened to you where you get excited some cute jeans/ pants and swear they are gonna fit but they don't even go past your thigh? Let me know in the comments below. Have you guys been shopping the fall sales or nah?

Also do you guys like these type of posts? no filter or nothing just straight up me? Let me know so I do more, I'll probably make my boyfriend make his debut on here as well.

Thanks for visiting my blog, See you in the next post ♥ AB! 


  1. I haven't been shopping lately, I'm so lazy when it comes to trying out clothes in stores. I just shop my own closet.

    I'm not skinny, regular size I would say, but I often have issues finding jeans or clothes that fit because everything is always too short for me. I'm not even that tall (176 cm/ 5 feet 9) but it is really hard for me to find jeans that are long enough so I can totally relate to you.


    1. Me too Ivana, I absolutely hate shopping in stores, online shopping has made me super lazy. haha and I shop only if I absolutely need to. The struggle of finding long enough denim is soo hard so it sucksss when you find one like this one thats long enough but doesn't button up.