3 Last minute Valentines Day gift ideas for HIM x HER


Sephora gift card - upgrade her makeup game!

 Let me upgrade you grade you!!! lol, Sephora is a beauty store that is available at everybody's local mall and is a gift that every girl will appreciate because every girl loves makeup. In fact, give your girl a heavily loaded Sephora gift card at any time of the year and she'll love you forever boo. 

Dinner date 

 Definitely, a more traditional route plus it might be super late for this one as most of all the bougie restaurants will be booked out. But you might be lucky to land a reservation as people cancel reservations all the time. Call and find out, never assume because you might be pleasantly surprised. Resturants like Perry's Steakhouse and Grille, Texas de Brazil, and Trulucks are Dallas hotspots. 


If you're dating a woman of color (woc) then buy her bundles, honey! If you're in the Dallas area, stores like 'She's Happy Hair' and 'Virgin Hair Outlet' have some really good quality hair. If you don't live in an area that carries a lot has hair stores for woc, that's shade! lol, but you can always just load up a Visa card for your girl so she can shop her favorite hair stores online.


Favorite sports team merch

Be the best girlfriend your man ever had and get him his favorite teams' merch. E-commerce sites like Amazon have overnight shipping which will be your best option since time is no longer in our hands. It will cost you some extra coins but you love your bae that much right? Men love their sports teams, you can never get them enough of this.


Have you been side-eyeing your man's shoe choice for date nights? Well now is the time to nicely buy him new shoes without him suspecting its because you want him to get rid of his old ones. Don't stray too far though, figure out his taste in shoes and then go to a nice department store like Macys or Nordstroms (my fave), look at brands like Hugo Boss or even Cole Haan they always have amazing shoes. Also, what better time to launch his new shoes than at Val's day dinner!

Wear sexy lingerie and make him dinner at home

I'm sure most of you naughty girls already have this ready for your man, but if you are a working babe and haven't had time to get your hands on a sweet pair of lingerie yet, Macy's has a huge selection from brands like Calvin Klein, Kate Spade, Lacoste and Ralph Lauren. Or alternatively, you can check your local Victoria Secret store. Then add the icing on the cake by making him his favorite meal at home.

I love you, thanks for visiting my blog! Please leave a comment below so we can be friends, also what are you getting your significant other for Valentines? Have a  beautiful Valentine's Day ♥ AB!

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