Happy payday fam. If you follow me on Ig, which you should (here) you'll see how happy I am that its Friday (well technically Saturday where I am ) but we'll pretend it's still #TGIF. That might also be my defense mechanism of not accepting the weekend will be over in 48hrs. Seriously all in favor of adding an extra day to the weekend raise your hands (preferably Monday because uhhh nobody likes it haha). 

So I would jump straight into talking about this bomb dress from Socialite clothing but insert disclaimer* real quick. I know this dress is hella not appropriate for this freezing weather. I mean except you live in Cali or somewhere warmer you wouldn't know what I 'm talking about.

Moving on, I digress, how cute x sexy is this piece from Socialite? This is my first ever piece from them, and I must say I am super impressed. I love the color, the intricate details, and how flawlessly it hugs your body. What caught my attention was the mini shorts behind the lace overlay; which is sheer, and sheer makes anything sexy if I must add. 

This dress is perfect if you want to show legs but not too much. For my conservative girls, this dress is for you babe. The varying floral details on the dress gives it a very playful boho vibe that I love. It can be totally worn to a concert or festival (think Coachella) There I just hooked you up! You're welcome lol

I paired it with my black gentleman's fedora hat from Rag & Bone and my ankle Zara boots to give a fall vibe. Trade the hat in for a floral crown and some cute gold/silver sandals instead of the boots if you live in a much warmer climate. 

Dress (here) red color (here) coral color (here) black color (here) romper style w/o lace (here) //  Hat (here) // Boots (here) (here)

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