10,000 Views Giveaway + Winners ft Wet and Wild products

Hey guys! As I stated in my last post here, My official first giveaway is finally here, and I am so excited.  It is really a very small giveaway as I really wanted to show you guys that I appreciate each and everyone that reads my blog.. don't worry it will only get bigger from here. 

I will list the two winners of the giveaway, as well as what they will be getting after the cut.

After much debate on how to do this giveaway, I finally decided to appreciate those who commented most frequently on my blog posts....you already know it would be make up products...(I'll show love to my guy readers in future giveaways). Sidenote: It sucked that most of the people that commented most on my blog where my Naija babes in Naija (like Cassie and Buiti)but unfortunately this first giveaway is only open to my US readers. But I got y'all as soon as I figure out how international shipping works, I promise. Now to the winners;

The giveaway winners are:
ii. Ife (Mahogany Faye)

In each goody bag, you will get:
1. A wet and wild nail polish (Blazed or Yo Soy)
2. Two of my fave wet and wild lipsticks (Mink Brown or Cherry Frost)
3. A wet and wild eyeshadow pallete (Vinyl Collection or Thrift Store Chic)
4. A small heartfelt hand written note from me :)

I figured I would do a wet and wild giveaway, as I have come to really love wet and wild products lately. Not only because they are so affordable as you can see in my post here but because they have such good quality as well.

Finally before I start rambling. I want to say congrats to the winners of this give away. I hope you guys like the items. Please shoot me an email (aokwuobasi@gmail.com) with your addresses so I can ship this items out to you. Thanks for all your comments, as you can see they never went unnoticed....AB!


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  2. Aw this is so sweet of you to do. It's cool you show appreciation to your readers!


    1. Thank you I think it's very important to show your readers how much you really appreciate them every now and them and sometimes words just aren't enough

  3. OMG!!! I WON!!?!?!? I'm sitting here like... Dang I dont ever win and Just got soooo excited! lol. I'm goofy im emailing you my addy NOW


    1. Hahaha yes Ash!!! You won boo. Only you deserved this one. I hope you like it.

  4. Elevated mind at work. I love the layout of this blog. Nice work.

  5. Aww congraz to them

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  7. Soooo my stuff came over the weekend I LOVE IT!!! Loooove to neutral nail color!!! I just put it on lol. Thanks again babe


    1. your comment just made my night Ash. i'm glad you like it. Its weird I just kinda knew you would love the neutral color, thats why I chose that one for you... #oknowisoundcreepy