04/11/15 Trip to the Brooklyn Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Hey lovers I hope you are all well. This weekend I went on kind of an impromptu trip to "The city that never sleeps" New York. We visited the Brooklyn Museum and the Metropolitan Museum ofArt in Manhattan. It was an awesome experience. It felt surreal the kind of things that human beings can make with their hands. I was in awe of a lot of the art pieces. But first, let me just say this. This post would not have been possible without this software called Stellar phoenix photo recovery. 

Story time: I was being cheap and decided not to buy a new memory card and didn't want to deal with deleting pictures one by one from my memory card, so when I saw "delete 135 files from camera".... I thought...Jackpot!! "I definitely have over 135 pictures on my camera so that can't be all my pictures." My brothers and sisters, little did I know that hitting that button would delete ALL the pictures from my memory card.  
I wept, I laughed I didn't even know what to do. Until God led me to this youtube video where this guy used this soft ware to recover all his pictures. It works like magic guys. Now onto our events of the day.

First stop the Brooklyn Museum

I was really fascinated by Kehinda Riley's work. He is so dope. I especially loved this piece of MJ on a horse.

What is going to New york without getting on the metro. Right after this picture was taken, we found out we bought the wrong metro ticket. lol 

We stopped over for lunch at this place called "Five Mile Stone" in Manhattan. Their food was mad expensive but soooooo yummy.

I ordered the Fitzgerald but I won't even lie I didn't really like it. It was all for show o. lol

I got the Shepherds Pie. Good isn't even the word

I don't even remember the name of what my friend, Delimira, ordered but it tasted like heaven. Chai see as am washing this restaurant and they are not even paying me.

Back to the Art... The stories behind most of the pieces was even more captivating, and made the pieces 10x more attractive

Now let me overload you guys with our pictures..well more like mine lol

It wasn't that much abi?... But we had such a good time guys, plus the weather was sooo good to us. Personally it was a very different trip for me, as most of the time I'm always shopping/walking around times square when I come to New York. Although I didn't get to do that this time, NY city fashion will always inspire me. I haven't yet been to a city with such daring individuals when it comes to fashion.


  1. I'm so glad you were able to recover your pics! I would have been devastated as well...Lovely pics...

    1. thank you Daria... I was sooo devastated. Idk where I would be without youtube. welcome to my blog!