Weekend finds... Lip colors, Inspirational book, etc

Last weekend I was able to spend some of the money I don't have on things I should probably not be buying...hahha but I don't think a girl ever has too much makeup. Or maybe i'm just deceiving myself abi? But believe it or not this lipsticks only cost $2.99 so you know I couldn't pass that up. I got the necklace from XXI for only $6. Its so beautiful on and I wore it on my last post here

The book was given to me by my friend Angy, she said she thought I would love reading the book because it helped her get through some tough times. She was so right cuz I am racing through this book, I'm already on chapter 9. I love it because it ties in the bible and Gods promises to us, as well as makes you start asking your self questions about the true purpose of your existence. I love this quote from it. "It's better to die for something, than to live for nothing." I will talk more about it when I'm done reading.

 From left to right Absolute NY (matte lipstick) in rosso corso; looks deep orange, Absolute NY (maxi satin) lip color in plum, Mary Kay lash love mascara (gifted). I am absolutely loving the plum color, it goes very smoothly on the lips and lasts all day.

 Here are the swatches below...


  1. I love matte lipsticks!! I have just found your blog and I like it! Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know and I will be back here!

  2. definitely I will check out your blog....thank you

  3. I'm sort of a cheapie so 2.99 is my ideal price. LOL. I love your blog. Pls check mine out.


    1. I know $2.99 will sound great to me anytime....even when I become a millionaire..lol...I will check out your blog, thanks for stopping by.