If you live in the New England area then you know we have had a pretty bad winter with so many snow days :(  But I thought I should share with you guys some of my go to shoes this winter. You already know they would be mostly black. From left to right  are my Anne Klein iflex flats which I wear on occasion to class or like an interview. Then my strappy Zara sandals which I got last year for turn up they are so comfortable, I can literally wear them all night. Far right, my Zara boots which I also purchased last year. I practically live in these. They are not particularly comfortable but they are so chic and stylish. I wore them in this post here. Finally my Lucky Brand silver slippers I recently purchased from Saks 5th Avenue in Dallas which I absolutely love. They are so cute and comfortable. Of course I only wear these indoors for now, but I can't wait to rock these bad boys in the summer.

What are some of your go to shoes this winter?


  1. I was gonna say you are able to rock these babies in the bad winter? Then I saw indoors for now. But they loook prep and awesome for summer, maybe spring too! love all 3!

    The Cocopolitan


    1. Haha I knew someone was gong to say something about the slippers. I know I shouldn't be wearing them but I couldn't resist..haha. Thank you for checking out my blog, love your blog..x