Hey guys! It's been so long I have been away from here :-(  I can't believe it's almost been a year of not being here, I need to be spanked. Ha! I am so sorry. I needed the break to refocus and really get a lot of things together, especially with what direction I wanted to go with my blog, I started to feel like I wasn't really growing or really embodying what I am about as a person but most importantly my style and sense of fashion wasn't really being represented to a T on here.

 I am back now however and back for good. I do have a lot to catch you guys up on but all that will come later :-) So moving forward, I will be posting more about fashion and styling as that is what I believe I have been gifted by God to do. I will still do a few other types of posts here and there but expect mostly seeing my style and how I would put outfits together,  I will say why I chose to put a particular outfit together; educating in a sense!

For this first outfit (all linked at the end of the post) I decided to go with a complete head-to-toe Zara outfit as it is a mainstream brand that most young adults can identify with. I love Zara because their clothing has a high-end European feel to it but for a much more affordable price. 

iChose the top because I love the plunging neckline of the top and how it shows off my collar-bones which I think is super flattering especially if you're a skinny girl like me. I also love the crossover on the top because it gives the illusion that you have a much smaller waist than you do (who doesn't love a small waist), also the vertical stripes on the top makes you appear skinnier :-) Finally, purple is my favorite color ever so it was a match made in heaven. 

When iSaw the pants, it just made sense to pair them both together not only because it was purple and they match, but because wide-leg pants/trousers add so much volume to a top that already makes you appear super skinny. Together it was just right. I paired it with my Gucci Dionysus medium GG shoulder bag, my gold Micheal Kors chain watch, and my gold sandals from Windsor I got earlier this year. 

Top // Zara (here) // Pants (here) // Bag (here) // Sandals (now $15 here, even better, here)

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