Vogue Magazine casts its first plus size model Ashley Graham but receives tons of Backlash

Vogue Magazine which has been around for 125 years released it's March issue recently showcasing 7 models including Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid who were front and center. However, the model of intrest and most talked about was 29 year old plus-size model Ashley Graham.

The models posed with prada turtle neck tops and beach shorts to celebrate women of all shapes, age, color, seize and weights. Unfortunately, the magazine received a lot of backlash and readers are criticizing 2 things.

1. Ashley seems to be the only model posing with her hands down. People are speculating that this was done purposefully to make Ashleys' tighs appear smaller.

2. Gigi Hadid's arm seems to be stretched with photoshop to cover Ashley stomach; also to make it appear smaller.

Although Ashley has come forward attempting to shut the rumors down saying "nobody asked her to pose that way", readers are still adamant that it was all a plot to make her appear skinner next to the other size 0 models.

What do you guys think? do you think this was all done on purpose, are any or all of the reasons listed above true ? OR do you think this was just an innocent post celebrating women of all colors, shapes, age and sizes ?

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