Happy 1st Day of December, I can't believe we only have 29 days until 2016 is over. I'm super pumped for Christmas.

 I have missed ya'll so much. I won't get too much into the specs of why I've been gone, but it's been for really good reasons, Trust me :-) One being that your girl has been modelling more and really just doing big things😁

This brings me to the point of this post. I have recently collaborated with TOBI (tobi.com), an LA based online fashion website for women, which draws inspiration for their designs from the city of LA itself; the girls, the city and the attitude of the people.

When this company reached out to me I was particularly interested in working with them, because they generously offer a scholarship reward program to encourage young women to further their education. How amazing is that ?🙏

Now getting into the clothing, the Anabel Wool Coat I received from them is so well madewarm and simply stunning. I can't believe how affordable yet sturdy this coat is. 

TOBI offers a range of items from dresses, accessories, shoes, swimwear, tops, bottoms, you name it, TOBI has got you covered😉 They offers daily deals up to 70% off, #weloveagooddeal. Currently they are offering 50% off cozy knits, 60% off skater dreses and jumpsuits, and 60% off all red items in lieu of Christmas season. 

Like the title says this is part one of the items I received from them. Stay tuned for more upcoming posts. Below I will provide a direct link to where you can purchase the coat (on sale for $39). Also be sure to check out their other items.

 Have a fabulous day...♥ AB! 

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