Okay first let me just say I realized after posting this photos that this looks like a Starbucks wish. Anyway happy new month; and for us here in the States happy black history month. 

This was my outfit today and clearly I was feeling myself enough to take photos. Plus I have been inactive for a while on here so I had to crank something out. I've missed y'all!!

Lately, I have been feeling wide legged pants aka Culottes, so when I found these pants in my old stash of clothes it fed into my obsession. I paired it with this velvet deep green turtle neck I got from the thrift store 2 months ago.

 I would have ended this post with the above photo but I noticed my shoes weren't showing in any of the pictures so I had to insert this last cheesy picture. 

These are my all time favorite Vince Camuto mule sandals that I got at DSW about a year ago. They are definitely the crossroad between minimalist and edgy.

I hope you enjoyed this post. As always I will list the outfit deets below, but only for items I can find if not I will link similar ones....♥ AB!

Outfit Deets
Top - Thrifted
Pants- XXI
Shoes - Vince Camuto
Starbucks | Tall Chai Tea Latte

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