Hey guys I hope you had a great halloween weekend. I did, I dressed up as a monk....haha. Anyway, as promised #BasiBants is back, it took a while but it is back. Today I will be interviewing a very good friend of mine Ugonna Nwaka of yourstrulyugo. I have known Ugo since she was in her mothers womb… literally. We go as far back as our Aba days…haha…

I am so happy to see her evolve into a beautiful, grounded and optimistic young woman with amazing style. Today she will be talking to us about her style, inspirations, favorite brands and much more so please grab a cuppa and  enjoy.


What is your name ?
Heyyyy, my name’s Ugonna Nwaka!

What do you do for a living?
I just graduated grad school. I’m starting an internship with the United Bank for Africa, New York.  I am also a style/inspiration blogger.

What is your dream career/ job?
Hmm, I honestly haven’t figured that out, but I know whatever I wind up doing should be in the lines of making people and countries better and also influencing style fashion wise.

Now that we have gotten some personal questions out the way, my blog readers and I would like to know more about your work as a fashion blogger


Have you always loved fashion growing up?
Yes! As far back as I can remember, I have always appreciated clothes and looking good generally. I think I got that from my mum, growing up she was and is still always put together stylishly. In her head she’s 16. …lol…So yes! I have always loved fashion.

Who is/are your fashion inspirations?
People who do not adhere to fashion “rules” inspire me. Those girls that wear whatever they want to because they feel like. So I’d say: Rihanna, Aaliyah, Ciara, Erika Bowes  (Blogger), London Zhiloh, Justine Skye and Nqobile Danseur to mention a few. Anything cool, edgy and effortless inspires me.

What inspired you to take up this platform (blogger) to share your craft?
I am a style and inspirational blogger.

Style because I have always loved dressing up and putting outfits together. It makes me really happy *smiles. So I started bogging as a way to document the evolution of my style in general and also share with people who might have the same style sense as me. And of course get collaborations with bomb brands that love my sense of style *laughs*.

Inspirational because I want people to feel, do and be better. Building people up is something that makes my soul happy and that is why I started the “be inspired” series on my blog. I am constantly learning and I strongly believe in the power of words. Lately I have been interviewing people on words that mean a lot to them, which has been amazing and insightful so far. I am hoping to include more inspiring things as time goes on. It is my little way of spreading love and positivity. You should check it out!

Favorite fashion magazine?
Weirdly, I actually don’t read fashion magazines. I should!

Haha I don’t either I just thought the question would make the interview spicier

Any current fashion obsessions?
Right now I am in love with fray hemmed denim and high heel sock style ankle boots. And of course loose fitted clothes, I’d never get tired of those, as comfort is always key for me.

Yasss!! To fray hemmed jeans

Ashley or Mary Kate Olsen?
I love them both! I always reblog them on my tumblr feed.

Your lipsticks are always popping ? What are some of your go to lipsticks ?
Thank you! Lately I have been wearing Antique Velvet and Sin by Mac a lot. Apart from those, I love Riri Woo or Ruby Woo by Mac,  Mystic, Abu Dhabi and Exaggerate by Nyx, and lastly, Salem by Limecrime.

Yes Abu Dhabi is bae

Top 3 Favorite clothing Brands ?
Zara, H&M and Cos

You were recently featured on fashion bomb daily how was that experience for you?
To be honest, I have never gotten that amount of social media attention. Although I was really excited, it made me very conscious for some reason. It was kinda like “hey! All these people are scrutinizing your style and lurking on your page” ha-ha.  But it was a humbling feeling, knowing that they felt I was good enough to be a “fashion bomb”. Most of all, it made me want to do better and stay consistent.

You have to dress Rihanna ( I know you love her ) for the VMA’s what would you dress her in and who (designer)
Haha! I love Rihanna, she is so bold and unconventional with her style. She could care less of what anyone thinks when she dresses up.

If I ever had the opportunity to dress Rihanna she will have braids on depending on the outfit we go for, as I have always wanted to see her in braids. And I will definitely dress her up in an outfit made by an African designer. I am currently in love with Deola by Deola Sagoe, IAmIsigo, Loza Maleombho  and Maki Oh Lagos.

Deola Sagoe:

Bubu Isigo:

Loza Maleombho:

 I could totally see Riri in this

Maki Oh Lagos:

You have 200$ to put together an outfit for a major fashion show what would you wear?

i) H&M Studio Blouse: $79.99 ii) Zara pleat trousers: $35.90 iii) Zara court shoes: $69.90

Baammm!! That’s under $200

For hair, I’d have a 22” scissors end cut weave in a center part and pulled back.

I love it!

What are your thoughts on the new Balmain x HM collection coming soon?
I love Oliver Rousteing, he is an amazing designer! But to be honest, I am not so hyped about the collection. Most of the items do not fit my aesthetic. Not to say I would not wear anything from the collection, maybe a few things.

But I must say they did a good job of replicating the Balmain vibe for the masses at marked down prices. I feel the items are still expensive but then again it’s a ”Balmain” collaboration so it’s expected.

Who would you like to dress (doesn’t have to be a celeb)?
You! I’d love to dress you up. You should be a model, I always tell you that. Your body frame would work with almost any outfit.

*Blushes to the moon and back* Thank you so much darling, I've actually been to a couple of modeling agencies recently, but they asking me to loose some weight which is pretty ridic! But believe me I’m working on it. I would love for you to dress me.

Tip for fashion bloggers starting out ?
I am still figuring this out but here a few things I have learnt so far;
1.     Comparison kills: We all know this but it never really sinks in but I am becoming more conscious of this lesson. I am learning that I can never be like the next blogger and I need to stay true to myself in everything I do.
2.     Have a support system: There are some days I feel like a shit-blogger but my siblings are my best supporters. Once I told them I was going to start a blog they didn’t let me rest till I started it and they are constantly suggesting new ways to improve my blog like it’s theirs. I also have friends who are always pushing me to do better and believe more in myself.
3.     Have a personable relationship with those who comment and support your blog.
4.     And these tips by my friend are awesome, she is doing really well as a blogger! I always go back to them. http://ivegotcake.com/blogger-tips/

One thing your readers would be surprised to learn about you?
This one is difficult. But ok! Depending on the brand, I’d choose a carton of plantain chips over roses. *laughs

Website - yourtrulyugo
Instagram - Ugonna_

Thank you so much for letting me get into your fashion head Ugo. I truly enjoyed reading your interview it was so bomb. I am so proud. You are indeed a style icon ( I am calling it, it will happen). I hope my fashion lovers, or just anyone who needs style ideas was able to learn something from Ugo.

Please make sure to check out her blog on yourtrulyugo. You won’t regret it I promise. I have also listed her social media sites. Go follow her.

Thanks for stopping by ♥ AB!


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