Episode 9: Me...April Basi

Hey guys so I had the opportunity of working with my friend Wanda Owoh of africanhearted. I was on the other side of the table this time as I was the one getting interviewed. I will be essentially sharing my personal thoughts on being an African living in the United States. Be sure to visit her website here, she was even kind enough to send me the shirt i'm wearing in the picture, if you like it you can order it on her website (it comes in different colors). I am also their entertainment blogger….yay me!lol... Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the interview and comment with your thoughts… have a lovely week..x

What’s your full name? April Ifunanya Okwuobasi

Where are you from? I am from Abia state, Nigeria

What does it mean to be African to you? To me being African is a lifestyle. I am African by the way I talk, act and interact with people around me.

What do you love about Nigeria ? I love that Nigeria is the “big apple” of Africa…haha I’ll explain. Nigerians are such go-getters; therefore I truly believe it is a land of opportunities. If you are talented and good at what you do whist still representing your culture you are likely to succeed in Nigeria

What do you wish society would understand about Nigeria? I wish society would show how beautiful Nigeria really is. I feel like Nigeria, and a lot of other African countries have been painted in such negative lights in the media. This really irks me because as a true Nigerian and an African, we embody such a rich and vibrant culture, which is not portrayed in the media. I remember I took an art class and on one of my presentations I got to show my classmates the Nigeria you and I know, they all were so surprised, and after the presentation a couple of people came up to me to thank me and tell me they didn’t know such places existed in Africa.

If you could change one stereostype, what would it be and why? I would definitely change the stereotype that we still live in huts, walk around with no clothes on and have wild life animals hovering around the streets.  However I will acknowledge that more and more people are starting to embrace our Nigerian culture. Recently Amber Rose, and Boris Kodjoe to say the least visited Nigeria and they had had nice things to say. Also with the help of our celebrities, especially artists; Ice Prince was recently on the breakfast club; we are gaining the exposure we need which is a really big deal.

What’s your favorite moment in Nigeria? O gosh!! I have a lot of favorite moments in Nigeria but if I was to choose one it would definitely be the time I spent in boarding school.  I met a lot of my lifetime friends there. Okay maybe I’ll cheat and also say I also loved the time my family and I would go to the village in December and I would learn how to pluck fruits from trees, go watch the masquerades, fetch water from the streams; those were priceless moments.

What is the most influential moment in Nigerian history? My most influential moment in Nigeria history…hmmmm…I have a history of being bad at history....lol but I will say we did pretty well this past world cup. Although we didn’t make it to the finals, we did great. We made it to the round of 16.

How do you embrace your culture in America? I embrace my culture in every way. Mostly subconsciously…lol You just can’t hide the Nigerian in you sha. It’s in your DNA. But seriously I make it known to people when they get to know me that I come from a country as beautiful as Nigeria. Its what make me unique, so in my choice of words, outfits, and attitude, I portray Naija. You would know if you read my blog that I am very Nigerian.lol

Would you rather settle in the states or back home? You know I was thinking of this one lately. Honestly I don’t know. I will say though, it will be wherever my heart pleases after I am done with school. I would love to settle in Nigeria in the end because that will always be my home. But I feel as though I am not done exploring my purpose here in the States so until that is done, I will remain here o.

Describe Africa in one word. Very cliché but I choose – Beautiful. It’s the only way I can fit how I feel about Africa in one word.

Thank you so much to africanhearted for letting me do this interview. It really made me think hard and give you guys my honest opinion. Finally, just cuz I have been slacking on Basi Bants I will be posting another one for you guys this week, so two for this week, which I feel you guys will love so get excited and stay tuned for that. AB!


  1. amazing interview. I love and miss my boarding house experience also.x

    1. I know those were the truly the best days!!! then we had to grow up :(

  2. I would never had guess that you ibo oo lolo.. nice interview

    1. Ah ah I get that all the time ?? Where did you think I was from before ? I get yoruba or calabar

  3. bro, that's a nice photo!! lol awesome interview btw!!

  4. bro, that's a nice photo!! lol awesome interview btw!!

    1. thank you luv, she seriously made me crack my brain. But I enjoyed it.