My youtube lovers, you will love this post. If you saw my post on 20+ facts about me here, you would know that my love for youtube is real. Its so real, I can be on youtube and my house would be burning and I won't even realize. lol..just kidding. At first when I would watch a "crappy" video on youtube I would wonder "What the hell is this person thinking to upload such a crappy video". Reality hit the day I had to edit a video for an event we had to promote in school, that day I renounced every curse I had placed on any you-tuber I felt had bad quality videos. That is to say youtube is hardwork. Kuddos to every you tuber. Anyway, without further due, I want to appreciate these you tubers who not only take their time to make good quality videos but also deliver such good content. I will also briefly speak on why I love watching them. I'll advice you go watch their videos as they have such positive material to offer, you won't be disappointed.  O and also show support and subscribe to their channels. In no particular order:

#1 Sammy from Beautycrush: First of all her name says it all. She is so bubbly,  I can't help but be attracted to her innocent and sweet personality. Plus her boyfriend is so cute. Love her tattoos as well. Her channel focuses on beauty and her personal style. She also has a blog that I love here

#2 Lauren Curtis: Her make up game is just flawless, seriously I don't know why I just discovered her. She's Australian and you know aussies always bring it!
#3 Missy Lynn from Start2finishMua: How many women do you know can juggle being in the military and still be a great MUA? Missy is the it girl! She has been through a lot (lost her two brothers) but still manages to remain positive in everything. Her personality is so fun no wonder her boo Trav loves her so much. 
#4 Claire Marshall from heyclaire: This girl is just hot. Her attitude is so fierce and she constantly brings it with her fashion game. Her sleeve is so beautiful on her she makes me want one. Her videos are such a breath of fresh air. Let me just say I have a crush on her. Seriously check her out you will thank me later.
#5 Tosin Alabi: My fellow naija girl. I just love her. She is so inspirational and I love that she is always her self in her videos despite the pressure that youtube can put on you. She also has beautiful natural hair and shows tutorials on her you can keep healthy hair. Finally she is not afraid to speak about her love for Christ which is what I love most about her.
#6 Thechicnatural: Her name already gives you an idea of what she does. She does natural hair tutorials as you can see from the picture above. She also does outfit tutorials and I must say i adore her fashion sense. She's one of those big girls on youtube that don't make too much noise. If you know what I mean.
#7 Carlibybel: Ok firstly can we just agree that this chic is fine. Yes? Ok we can move along. But guess what? She's not just a pretty face. She knows her ish and always kills it in her videos. She does entirely makeup but also has a blog (here) where she shows of her outfits, fitness, offers coupons to different beauty websites, etc
#8 Patricia Bright aka britpoprincess: My Patty. This girl is hilarious. O she's Naija! Thats where she gets it from. She does make up tutorials but also has a vlog channel where she shows us her shenanigans around the world with her husband. She also has a lovely blog here.
#9 Shirley B Eniang: Shirls baby. I have a personal love for this girl. I love that she remains true to herself in her videos. If you are a minimalist, Shirley is your girl. Also check out her blog here.
#10 Tiarra Monet: I love that she remains humble through all of her success on youtube. She recently had a 3 page spread on Essence magazine which I loved. If you need to get hair hook up. Tiarra will get you fixed.
#11 Peakmill: Y'all know I couldn't leave my darling peakmill out. This girl is so fearless, which is what I love most about her. She is amazing at what she does. Naija can never carry last. She made me believe hair gods do exist because her hands are magical, and her hair tutorials are always on fleek. (I dislike that word btw)
#12 Nikki Perkins from jamieandnikki: I couldn't talk about Nikki without including Jamie because the channel technically belongs to both of them. They are so cute together and Jamie treats her so well. O btw Nikki is from Sudan, so Africa is still But seriously how gorgeous is she? They mostly do vlogs about their daily life and sometimes Nikki does hair, makeup and outfit videos.
#13 Jennie from beautybyJJ: Jennie girl. My naija sista. I have followed her since I became obsessed with youtube and i'm so happy with how much she's grown. She does mostly makeup tutorials and is a professional make up artist as well. 
#14 Raven from ravenelysetv: She is so young, yet so talented. She does mostly outfit and hair tutorials. I love that she does what she wants and is so transparent in her videos. She is also a fashion design student. O and she's from Texas (the great state)
#15 Itsmyrayeraye: She is muti talented but i personally watch her lipstick swatch videos because every color looks good on her, literally! Also her videos are always short, well edited and straight to the point.
#16 Vicky Logan: Last but not least, firstly she is also a Texas babe and But no this girl is just different. Her videos are well edited and will keep you hooked from start to finish. I love that she found love at such a young age. She is just very inspirational. O and finally she's a PK (preachers kid).

I loved writing this post even though it took Who are some of your youtube faves? Please comment/share I'd like to know. 


  1. Love all these lovely ladies! Would love to start my own youtube channel!

    1. Haha I know but it's such handwork. I can easily make 5 blog posts before making one well edited youtube video.

  2. I already follow Missy Lynn and Chic Natural... I love them both. I will definitely have to check out the other pages. Thanks!


  3. These are great reviews of beautiful You Tube bloggers , I 've seen Shirley's videos they are very nice.

  4. Yes Shirley is amazing. Thank you ..x

  5. Carlibel n beautybyjj....never miss there videos. ur love for tattoos is real o!hehe. nice post

    1. Haha beautybyjj is like my friend in my head. And Carlibel is just awesomeeeee. And yes girl, tattoos are so beautiful, can't wait to get one.

  6. Lovely post and blog dear! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!!

  7. I love Patricia and Nikki!
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  8. My fav is Raye ! I adoooore her ! OMG! I also love Shirley for her minimalist and refined world !

    Happy New Year by the way

    Kisses & Hugs

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