Christmas is upon us, like it's barely two days away. Can you believe it? 2014 is like over! Need a dress to wear to that hot date with your boo, family get together, or event? Are you a black lover? I gatchu. So these are a few outfit ideas I put together to wear to that event you have been going crazy thinking about what to wear. Now if you are like me and are a sucker for black but don't want to be boring this christmas. These outfits are a perfect way to be dark yet sophisticated. You are covering all the right places yet still showing off some skin. Personally these outfits are something you would see me wear, mostly because I like to keep it classy and these outfits scream classy. Plus we can't forget the shoes. My fave outfit and shoes on here is definitely number two because its fun and the shoes give you a lot of feet cleavage. Now go getcho life girl! 

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