Episode 2 - Emeka

Hi my name is April Basi and today I will be interviewing Igory Emeka Nnani. I’ve also known Emeka since our high school days in Naija. He’s such a good person with a good heart, and is so passionate about what he does. Infact he’s a better pikin and I really enjoyed having him do this interview, so I hope you guys have fun reading this. Ladies this one is for you, so sit tight, grab a cup of tea/coffee and enjoy.
What is your name?
Igory Chukwuemeka Nnani, better known as Gory.
How old are you?
Where do you live?
I currently reside in Wilmington, Delaware.
What do you do for a living?
Currently, I work at a bank and at the same time trying to get into grad school.
Favorite childhood memory?
Hmm. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite but my most awkward; I got my butt whooped by the principal of my high school at the general assembly- in front of the whole school.

So, usually people ask what you like about being grown up, but lets be honest nobody likes being grown up, so I decided to change it up and say……..
 What do you hate about being grown up?
Good question...I just hated not questioning my every move and decision. Like if I were asked to do something, I wouldn’t ask why. I would just do it. I hated that and it baffles me right now. For example, most of my decisions I made while in high school/ growing up weren't thought after at all. They were all centered on other people’s opinions and beliefs on what was best for me; basically I didn't have a voice of my own. I hated that part growing up.
When did you move to the United States?
July 2009.
Do you miss Naija? And what do you think of our country right now? Getting better?
To be honest, I don’t think it’s getting better. I know that sounds bad but I’m not ready to go back…yet. I want to achieve as much as I can here in the states and then go back and help the best way I can. As for its current state, it is BAD. But I feel like the media just blows stuff outta proportion.
Where did/do you go to school?
I got my undergraduate degree at The Lincoln University, PA (The first HBCU). Currently I want to get my Master’s degree from West Chester University.
What is/was you major in school (high school and college)?
In high school, I was an Arts student and in college I majored in Accounting with a minor in Information Technology.
What is your dream career/job?
(Giggles)...I want to be a professional dancer. That is my dream job. Like going on tours with artists, teaching classes all over the world, music videos, commercials, print, all that and eventually own my studio in the long run.

Why did you choose it?
 I would say because I love dancing. Back in high school, it was just a hobby. I did it just for fun. But coming here to the States, and training with professionals, being in dance crews, going for auditions, taking loads of classes, it grew into a strong passion. There’s no other feeling like it.  It’s my only means of self-expression and I feel it’s the only way I can get my voice to be heard.
How do you plan to impact the world especially Naija with your Career of choice in the future?
Giving back. That’s really it. There are barely any major dance opportunities in Nigeria besides the Malta Guinness Best Dance Crew which is not enough. I plan on going back, teaching the youth in the arts to pursue their dreams no matter what. Careers in the arts {singing, acting, dancing, poetry, art} are usually shunned by African parents because they feel that it can only be a hobby- I want to change that stance.
Are you in support of African parents that pretty much dictate that their children do nursing or medicine in the United States, so they can have a stable job; on the stance that nobody will hire a foreigner with an “accent” to play in their movies or be their backup dance or music director?
I think that’s some major BS. Dictation was back in the day. Our generation has developed in so many ways, and it’s beginning to explore many talents. Anyone can make a good living off anything right now. I mean you have “artists” singing “Baby pass me the hookah” on the radio and still making ridiculous money from it and then the nurse or lawyer (which our parents want us to be) who barely make up to these artists despite all the hard work and time being put in.
 What would you say growing up in Naija was like for you would you bring up your kids the same way?
It was an amazing experience. Wouldn’t trade it for anything. My eyes were opened . As for my kids, it doesn’t really matter to me where they grow up just as far as they’re happy.
So, let’s get a little personal, do worry don’t get nervous..lol, we will start of slow then it will get hotter….oya ready! Go!!
 Any gf/iyawo (wife) or bf/hubby in your life? (No lies…. no denials)
Hahaha! Iyawo. Um. Currently, I’m single. I wouldn’t say I’m searching either. I am open to it coming along the way. I’m on this path in life where I learn something new about myself everyday so if she happens to come along the way, it should be fun.
If not tell us your dream woman/man ?
Hmm. I would love to be involved with someone who is aware of self-love. She should be able to love who she is prior to me being with her cuz I can only love the part of her that she gives me. Just someone who would understand me and the same I would for her…. dancing is a huge plus.
The other day my friends and I were talking about how men these days don’t do the chasing, (even naija men o). Females these days will do anything to find hubby just to post picture of “bae” on instagram
What do you think? Do you think its okay for us women to chase men because society is changing or that’s not acceptable and chivalry should still prevail?
The 21st century has it perks. If you love someone or something(man or woman),  go for it, or someone else will. It’s that simple. The whole idea of chasing has been changed on both ends.
Finally, I’m sure the readers will want to know about your style so please…
Describe your personal style:
I'm a minimalist when it comes to my style. I love to keep it simple and comfortable yet fashionable at the same time; simple because it's best and easier for me; comfortable because I dance and people tend to ask me to dance for them randomly and I hate saying no; fashionable because I'm into that sort of stuff. A perfect fall fit for me would be a sweatshirt, Adidas joggers’ sweatpants, vans, and a fedora. Nothing beats that. But nothing beats being naked. I love it. 

I hope you; my blog readers enjoyed reading this interview as much as I did. Ladies you guys have heard what Emeka has to say, so start sending me your request forms, like he said he is very much single o. By the way, I thought it would be important to get a guys viewpoint on the same questions I asked Guchi on my previous interview, just to get a take on both sides.
Finally, Thank you so much for giving me your time today Emeka, I really appreciate it. Please keep us updated in the near future incase of any changes, especially on the wifey/hubby part J

Igory: *blushes* No wahala…I sure will. Thank you for having me.

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